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Our services are designed to get you back to what you love to do and take your game to the next level.  If you answer yes to any of the following, we have the solution.

  • Pain that affects your movement
  • Stiffness that doesn’t go away
  • Reliance on pain killers
  • Unable to participate in activities you love
  • Lost time to train or compete due to injury
  • Have recurring injuries or migrating pain
  • Feel your workout routine is hurting you
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Personalized Evaluation & Treatment

• Physiotherapy • Maintenance • Recovery
• On-line Programming

Athlete/Team Consultation

• Injury risk screens
• Training Program Assessment
• Recovery Strategies


• Chronic Overuse Injuries
• Low Back Pain Prevention
• Mechanics of Respiration



Smart Athlete PT has put together a collection of Raleigh’s most experienced physio’s in treating athletes and over-use injuries.  Upon your introductory call to Smart Athlete we figure out which physio you best match up with to maximize your time with us.

Studio Revolution

Jeff  Vajay is the founder of Smart Athlete PhysioTherapy and a life long athlete. For nearly two decades, Jeff has worked with athletes from the NHL, NFL, NBA, ATP, WTA, MLB and US Olympic Track and Field, as well as various college athletes.  He’s spent four years as a sports medicine therapist for the United States Tennis Association Men’s Professional Circuit and currently travels internationally as a Physiotherapist with the ATP World Tour.


Michael Vita is the co-founder of Smart Athlete Physiotheray and has been practicing in the areas of orthopaedics and electrophysiology over the last 19 years.  He utilizes his knowledge in these areas to the benefit of the client.  Michael has worked with client s ranging from chronic pain patients to amateur and professional athletes. Treatments typically integrate a comprehensive neuro – biomechanical approach with manual treatment specific to the injured region.

JP web head shot

Jon Paryz earned his Physical Therapy degree from Daemen College in Amherst, NY in 1993 and became NSCA Certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist in 2002. He believes a proper and thorough evaluation to identify the source of the patient’s dysfunction and symptoms is the key to long-term relief and assists in prevention of re-injury. Utilizing functional manual therapy as well as patient education he is able to help achieve his patients’ goals and speed the recovery process.


"I've struggled with nagging injuries for years.  Smart Athlete Physiotherapy helped me train and compete pain free.  Without them I would not be a reigning Xterra National champion in my age group. They are caring professionals working as a team to help improve my performance and health. I appreciate the fact that my strength coach and physical therapist work together, observing my training, to make me the best athlete that I can be. As a coach, I encourage my athletes to also take advantage of their team of experts. Thank you SA for making this year such a success."

Margo Pitts
Founder & Head Coach of B3 Triathalon

"I went to Jeff after having pain in my knee for over a year. Within a few weeks he helped me get back on court in time for some important matches. I know for the rest of my career that whenever I am having pain or discomfort in my body that I need to go see Jeff to get healed up."

Thai Son Kwiatkowski
Professional Tennis Athlete, Former NCAA Single Champion

"Being an Ironman athlete, I train hard everyday. I have been pain-free for over a year while still competing in the sport and have Smart Athlete to thank for that. I continue to see Mike Vita every week to work on strengthening, balance, flexibility, and prevention. We work with a combination of PRI exercises, dry needling, and homework/education. I am running faster than I ever have in my life (41 years young) because my body is well and poor muscle memory patterns have been eliminated. Each session, Mike assesses and puts an action plan in place to fine tune my body, making the most of our time together. I like to call him my "secret weapon". Because truly, without his guidance and expertise, I would not be where I am today."

Jennifer Kenney
Pro Ironman Athlete


Smart Athlete Physiotherapy utilizes cutting edge software to keep you connected to your physio, stay motivated and easily access your exercises through your browser or mobile app.  Jeff helped create PtEverywhere (PtE) , a complete practice management solution for physiotherapy providers.

What does that mean to you?  A PtE account is created for all Smart Athlete clients .  With is you will have the ability to schedule appointments, securely message your provider, access your home exercise program, receive invoices, receive push notifications through the mobile app.  If your not a Smart Athlete client and would like to create a PtE account, register here.